The Design Phase

The finished product is a result of years of experience, and an extraordinary team of well trained and experienced individuals committed to bringing you the highest quality product possible. Expert salesman and designer, dedicated to finding the perfect way to meet your needs. A phenomenal construction crew who is professional and well trained. All backed by the brains of the operation, David Galloway, who brings years of expertise, innovations, and constant improvement year after year.

Building a Pool

All of our pools are reinforced and built with high quality materials used by professionals in our field of work. The quality of our work is tried and true year after year, resulting in long lasting relationships with our customers and an outstanding reputation within our community. Our warranty allows our customers security in the fact that we back up everything we build with confidence. Many of our customers have remained as our customers through maintenance, service, water testing, chemical and parts purchases well after the completion of their projects. At Galloway Pools you will always find everything you'll need for a beautiful pool all year round.