The Difference

With Galloway Pools, you will immediately notice the multiple key notes on which we differ from our many competitors. The amount of thought and detail that goes into our planning process is much more personal than most builders. You tell us your dreams and we will help that dream become a reality that you will enjoy for years and years to come. With your custom swimming pool from Galloway Pools you will have your own taste of paradise right in your own backyard- one that you designed yourself! Even after your pool project is complete, we continue to hold long lasting relationships with many of our customers through service, maintenance, and our sales department, which allows us to assist you in keeping your Galloway Pool looking stunning year after year. 

After more than 30 years of experience, you always know you are in great hands with Galloway Pools. A well established, reputable and trusted company, dedicated to quality, every time.


Galloway Pools built my pool in 2004. A beautiful design and well built. Having experience in watching many construction projects, Galloway Pools’ performance matched my expectations of a high quality job. A few minor issues have arisen over the last five years and I have yet to be dissatisfied with their response. 

would use them again . . .

Best Regards,
Jeff R.
"Galloway built my pool in 1986 and has maintained it for me ever since. Other pools the age of mine have needed to be drained and repainted by now; I attribute it's good condition to the expert care and maintenance provided by Galloway." 

P. Constant

We recently purchased a second home with a Galloway swimming pool.  Galloway installed additional pool equipment at our request, and they maintain the pool for us weekly.  When we have a problem, they send someone over to fix it right away.  The pool is always in good condition when we find time to make a trip to the coast.  Galloway people are experts at their jobs and very nice, too.  The folks at Galloway have become trusted friends—I highly recommend them!

Bob L

We own a 110 year old Victorian home in Rockport.  Because of it's historical significance and beauty we were somewhat hesitant to construct a pool.  We wanted a pool but were simply concerned it would ruin the effect we hoped to achieve with our landscaping.  Our landscape architect told us about Galloway Pools and said they were very reputable and we should visit with them about our concerns.


We met with Charles Nau at Galloway's office and then here at our home.  Charles helped us create a beautiful
design for our pool and outdoor kitchen area.  He explained to us every step of the way the construction process
and helped us greatly in the selection of our tile,  coping, and the pool bottom material.
 uring the actual construction phase Craig Galloway was on-site and also was very helpful in accomodating
our concerns and in making sure the pool construction was done properly.
We are very happy with the outcome.  We highly recommend Galloway Pools and have also been very pleased
with their service department and maintenance.  Everyone there is very professional and helpful in every respect.
Tim and Pat Pulliam    
Rockport, Texas
Galloway Pools was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in constructing our pool. They were able to take our vision and turn it into reality with a beautiful pool that will provide years of enjoyment for our family.  Galloway Pools made the entire pool building experience a pleasure!

 J Kramer


Dear David, Craig and the rest of the Galloway staff, 

                Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – we have had the pool almost three years now and still enjoy it as if it were the first day.  Our investment has paid off tenfold in the amount of relaxation and comfort it has brought to our lives year round.  We finally have the landscaping in place and it is starting to mature and really make our backyard the Oasis we were envisioning.  Your craftsmanship and attention to detail have created an attractive and peaceful environment for us to really enjoy.   The ease of maintenance is incredible.  However, it is nice knowing that you are there for us if the need arises.  We do appreciate your professionalism and expertise.  We have had many people comment on the uniqueness and on the beauty of the pool.  Galloway Pools has created a masterpiece.  For anyone wanting to build a pool you are the only game in town!!

 Yours Truly,

 Milann Guckian and Pru Neher

Our testimonial.....
We wanted a swimming pool built at the top of a 15ft bluff overlooking Corpus Christi Bay. We found out quickly the engineering and stability planning was not an easy task and could not be done by just any swimming pool builder. We were new to Corpus and we asked around for pool builders. The name that kept coming up was Galloway Pools. We received several quotes, pool designs and recommendations. It was clear to us that Galloway Pools had the expertise, experience and reputation to build the swimming pool.
When you choose Galloway Pools, you choose a team of wonderful professional pool builders. First, Charles will design the perfect pool after careful consultation and recommendations. Then Craig will oversee and direct the construction. We ran into immediate, but not unexpected, difficulty with the ground as the hole was dug. Craig had already been in touch with the foundation engineer for the house and knew what to expect and who to call for additional advice on creating a solid foundation under the swimming pool. As the pool progressed, we were incredibly impressed with master tile layer Jesse, whose precision and attention to detail was both wonderful to watch in the creation and end product. Craig coordinated his crew with the deck builder and block fence builder so that all projects came in proper sequence (right on schedule for visitors and the July 4th holiday so that we could watch fireworks over the Bay sitting in the pool on a ledge designed by Charles).  Chris tended to the filter and pool equipment and provided training and wonderful support to bring the crystal clear water quality under immediate control. The equipment recommended by Galloway Pools has been easy to operate and cost efficient with excellent mineral properties for the skin.
Craig made sure the pool was started, progressed and completed on time according to Charles quote. Kay in the office handled the billing and questions about pool chemicals and supplies while testing the water quality after the pool was in operation. We found Galloway Pools is always there for questions and help with the pool after the pool is complete. The Swimming Pool is a pleasure and so are the memories of working with Galloway Pools.
Steve & Nancy Parker